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Media & Resources

Humanist Videos

Humanism, Freethought and Atheism:

  • AAI Convention Lectures, 2007 - 2 disc DVD Set, Main Speakers Only
  • Atheism Tapes DVD Set, Jonathan Miller - A Brief History of Disbelief
  • Beyond Belief - American Women Helping Afghan Women after 9.11
  • Godless Americans Historic March, Washington, DC, 2002
  • HumanLight 2009 on YouTube - Free Download about Solstice Celebration
  • Are You a Humanist? - Corliss Lamont
  • Secular Humanism with Bill Moyers and Edward O. Wilson
  • Journey of Life - COCORE...Elderly Couple on Humanism Walk
  • Journeys to Humanism - Red Bank Humanists Speaking Out    Part 1    Part 2
  • The Last Presentation, COCORE - Excellent Classroom talk on Atheism
  • Why Atheism?  DVD, British Humanist Assoc..6 Short Interviews
  • Without God, A Humanist's Story, Dr. Robert Buckman, Canada
  • The Ledge, a major motion picture also available online via Sundance Now.
Church & State Issues

Secular Humor and Frank Comedy:

Secular and Critical Views On Religion:

Science and Humanism:

(These DVDs are at Amazon.com, EvolveFish.com, AliveMindEducation.com. & YouTube)