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Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism and other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity. --from the Humanist Manifesto III

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Who are the South Jersey Humanists?

Our meetings are open to anyone with an interest in humanism, and our members come from counties across Southern New Jersey. We may call ourselves by many names: skeptics, atheists, agnostics, brights, freethinkers, nonbelievers, secularists, or rationalists, to name a few.

But we join together to advance four important goals:

Make the World a Better Place

We aim to show our commitment to human growth and development through service and participation in the community. We believe that we improve ourselves as well as others by acting with altruism and empathy.

Promote Secularism and Critical Thinking

Society flourishes in an environment of open, reasonable discussion free from the influence of institutional power. For this reason we fight the intrusion of religion upon government as well as government upon belief. We also challenge societal norms which help maintain religious privilege.

Challenge Stereotypes

Though our numbers are increasing, far too many Americans believe that it is impossible to lead a good and ethical life without belief in God. By being up-front about ourselves, we serve as living disproof of this prejudice.

Provide Mutual Support

Life can be very difficult when one’s beliefs are out of step with much of society. Many of us feel rejected by neighbors, employers, institutions -- even family. For this reason, we provide a supportive environment for one another.

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